Quick loot and more!

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Quick loot and more!

Quick looting

A new way to move loot from one place to another is on the horizon. Long story short, you hold a key (‘H’ by default), and hover over the loot you want moved. Upon doing so, the items queue up and start heading to the appropriate place.

This, as they say, goes both ways. You can use it to put items into your box or take them out. You also have the ability to change which key you use to make this happen. The key bind in question is ‘hover loot’. Don’t forget to write config so that you don’t have to do this each time you load up rust.


Tree minigame fix

Holy. Fucking. Shit. One of the most common actions in the game (gathering wood from trees) has had an outstanding issue for months and months (if not years).

It appears as though Alistair is coming to save the day by fixing this mini game which, although seemingly small from an impact standpoint, has large ramifications on the mental well being of Rust players.

Thank you to our Lord and Savior Alistair, this will soon be fixed… hopefully.


Test Hero

Garry is working on a new aspect of the UI when you load the game. This test hero on the staging branch runs a video and has links to visit the merch store and close (bringing you back to the normal screen you’re used to when loading the game). This should be a cool way to communicate new content – and sell some more of that sweet, sweet merch.


Hold to drink

It appears staying hydrated is going to be making a change soon. The name of the branch is ‘hold to drink’. It doesn’t appear to be quite working as intended yet, but as with many of these things on the staging branch, it is a work in progress.

What will it do, you ask? Well, you’ll hold something, and you’ll drink it – most likely at least. More on this as the functionality continues to progress.

Placement improvements

Ever wanted to place something and it didn’t quite allow you to? Of course, we’ve all been there. Thankfully the team this week has been working on resolving several of those instances. Here is the lowdown:

  • Large furnace can be placed on world layer (rocks) again
  • Fixed small refinery placement on ice, rocks and uneven surfaces (like steep hills)
  • Small water catchers can now be placed on construction but cannot be built over (similar behaviour as large furnace)

Other stuff

The things listed above are a minor fraction of the overall work that the team is doing. As with many large projects, development is ongoing and takes longer than we may otherwise wish. Thankfully, it does appear as though December is going to be one of the largest updates to Rust in the history of the game. 

Below is a summary of some of the things being worked on in the more long-term sense (and some other random shit). More details of course as they get merged into staging.

  • HDRP work
  • Instruments DLC
  • Modular vehicles work
  • Fixed cargo ship hull interior culling on low object quality
  • Fixed not cleaning up after stopping a demo, causing exceptions when joining a game or playing another demo.
  • Added “near” network visibility radius that is processed immediately (fixes entities popping in too close when moving very fast)
  • A long standing bug fix for bows


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