NEW Musical instruments! All you need to know about the DLC

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NEW Musical instruments! All you need to know about the DLC

The NEW musical instruments are on Rust staging for all to craft now before the DLC drops on Dec 5th.. In this update I’ll show you all you need to know about the sousaphone, trumpet, pan flute, jerry can guitar, piano, bass, cowbell, canbourine, drums and xylobone. Plus more!

Instruments DLC incoming!

Ok, back to Rust development. The first and only Rust DLC is getting ready to go live, and it’s 10 new musical instruments! At the moment, all of these instruments are available to be crafted by anyone on the staging branch. This will likely remain the case until the December 5th update when this DLC will likely go live. After that, you’ll have to purchase the DLC to then craft these in game.

With these new instruments, a whole new mechanic for playing music has entered the mix. You can now play various different notes, change pitch and octaves, and even experiment with a MIDI input. These are of course still a work in progress, so don’t be surprised if some of this changes. That said, here’s a rundown of the new instruments, their prices, more details on them, and a shit load of pictures. Enjoy!


100 Metal frags

Plumber’s Trumpet

75 Metal frags


Cost35 Metal frags



Cost 25 Metal frags

Jerry Can Guitar

Cost25 Wood
50 Metal frags

Pan Flute

Cost20 Metal frags
5 Cloth

Shovel Bass

50 Wood
75 Metal frags


Wheel Barrow Piano

200 Wood
100 Metal frags

Junkyard Drum Kit

200 Wood
100 Metal frags


50 Bone frags

Things of note:

  • Can change (or turn off) the volume of instruments in the audio settings
  • All these are in the new fun category of the crafting menu
  • Play with numpad keys (1 through 7 or notes A through G – this can be rebound)
  • ‘R’ puts you in full keyboard instrument input mode (can be rebound under ‘alt’
  • Keypad ENTER brings notes up an octave
  • Keypad PLUS makes the notes sharp
  • You can pick up deployable instruments with a hammer (and build privilege)
  • You can use midi input by going to options > experimental > midi input on

Acoustic Guitar changes

The Acoustic Guitar, although not part of the DLC, also received some changes this week. Not only does it cost a bit more wood now, but it utilizes the new mechanics of playing instruments.


First person legs

Looking down after spawning naked on the beach on staging will give you a sight you may not have expected. Garry added visible legs in first person, so you can now look down and see yourself walking – and your junk from an angle more similar to how you see it in real life.

Thankfully, Garry made sure to add the censor cube to the leg cock (as he put it) so you can avoid the gritty details of your undercarriage if you so desire.


Admin QoL improvements

Garry is coming through with some great quality of life improvements for admins! Here is the rundown:

  • Added admintime convar to force local day time for admins so we can finally see during the night! Hot damn!!
  • Added admin.killplayer (can kill a player of your choice)
  • Replaced admin.mutevoice/admin.mutechat with mute (mutes both)
  • admin.mute/unmute applies to sleeping players too
  • Added admin.mutelist
  • Print more useful information into the console on player join
  • Tell everyone on the server when kicking someone because of cheats
  • Print in console when kicking someone because of cheats
  • Include the reason in the server restart countdown messages

Garry’s blog:


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