Introducing Tropeognathus!

Introducing Tropeognathus! Common Name: TropeoSpecies: Tropeognathus mesembrinusTime: CretaceousDiet: PiscivoreTemperament: Neutral WildUp close, Tropeognathus mesembrinus is easily recognized by the keeled crests on its snout, but with wingspans of up to twenty-seven feet, you’re sure to spot it before then.  These large wings are not only ideal for catching air currents over its ocean hunting grounds, but they also let Tropeognathus…

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Vehicles Beta

Bill Borman Rust will soon be getting modular cars that players can modify and drive around. With this being a major new feature, we're releasing it initially in a separate version of the game, which is available to try right now. Our aim with this new beta branch is to allow for plenty of testing…

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Driving the new Rust cars! (all you need to know) | Rust update 15th May 2020 18th May - Public testing begins on a separate beta on the Staging branch June (after the patch) - Vehicles will be moved to the main Staging branch July - Vehicles go live on the main Release branch with the patch.

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Night Vision Update This update brings Night Vision Goggles, Electric Heaters, Farming 2.0 additions and balances as well as other improvements and fixes. Night vision goggles have been added to the game! They do have a tradeoff, however. You can't wear a helmet, and the lenses are visible to other players, You can also be blinded pretty…

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Happy Easter!

The Easter Egg hunt event has been enabled!Easter Egg Hunt For the next week, once every in-game day an easter egg hunt will begin. You'll have 3 minutes to collect as many eggs as you can. The top 3 players are given special eggs as a reward. These eggs can be cracked open for various…

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Farming 2.0 Basics Update

There's been a major overhaul of how farming and plants work. All the various conditions of a plant are now important, and the better the conditions, the better the rewards. To achieve the full yield potential, you'll need to make sure the following conditions are as ideal as possible: LightWater saturationGround conditionTemperature To make it…

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