By joining our Discord server, you agree to the following:
◦ Be respectful to others – e.g. no abuse, racism, homophobia or any other form of hate or discrimination
◦ Do not send or use inappropriate content – e.g. no NSFW, offensive or illegal content/nicknames/avatars
◦ Keep text and voice chat clean – e.g. no message/mention spam in text chat, no inappropriate behaviour in voice chat
◦ Do not advertise other websites/servers/communities – Ask staff for approval
◦ Use channels properly – Check the channel descriptions to know when or how to use them
◦ Adhere to Discord TOS – https://discordapp.com/terms
Admins and moderators will use those guidelines and their own discretion if they have to intervene.

The following is PROHIBITED:
1. Use of Hacks/ESP/Cheating – This INCLUDES auto clickers & recoil scripts.
2. Exploiting bugs for an unfair advantage.
3. Pretending to be an Admin.
4. Spamming objects (foundations, camp fires, etc).
5. Spamming chat.
6. Advertising of other servers/websites.
7. Walling/blocking off monuments is prohibited. Any attempts may be deleted on sight.
8. Joking about cheating is not allowed. If somebody asks you if you’re cheating, don’t reply with “yes I am cheating”.

Free speech is welcome on this server.

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